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Fashion Business & Career Development Consultancy

Welcome to The Agency De La Mode

The Agency De La Mode is a strategic brand building, marketing and PR consultancy, aiming to help all creative talents within the fashion market - from well established brands looking to expand their horizons to new upcoming designers seeking support in building the grounds of their brand.  

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We lead FASHION Businesses into the future…

Define your Unique Target Market

Take control of the market and gaincompetitive advantage

Position yourself and your brand successfully on the market – find your own gap in the market

Pricing strategies

Branding and Brand Development strategies

Marketing, Promotion, Media and PR strategies


Career Coaching &Development

The Agency De La Mode sponsors a guided course and UK-wide event movement called “Fashion Super-Intern” aimed to help all of you Fashionistas reach your full potential and DREAM job in the Fashion Industry.

We are here to help you gain skills and competences required to make it from any starting point - Student, Graduate, Young Professional of just a passionate Fashionista wanting to change their career path and finally reach the Fashion Career you have dreamed about!


Fashion Super-Intern’s First Student Event in Southampton!




Saturday, October 19, 2019

11:00 AM - 1:30 PM

Unico Gelato Cafe

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