We are here to Lead your FASHION Business Into the Future..

Hi there Fashionista! My name is Oggy and I’m the Founder and Director of The Agency de la Mode.

When first setting out the company I had one mission in mind and heart: To help as many new upcoming designers, fashion brands, or fashion business reach the success they deserve!

I’ve worked with many new and established brands on forming their successful future by evaluating their current business model and applying strategies for growth and success.

My expertise are creating unique and bespoke Marketing, Branding, and PR/Media strategies to bring your business to a new realms of success.

The Agency De La Mode is a strategic brand- building and communications consultancy, aiming to help new upcoming brands and fashion businesses by understanding their business vision, create opportunities for growth and then support in best possible way to deliver growth efficiently. We create integrated strategies that drive emotional engagement and result in enhanced business performance. 

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What is Fashion Super-Intern?

In 2018 I started the initiative “Fashion Super-Intern”, which is aimed at all fashion students or graduates in the UK and Internationally.

Through this initiative I aim to share my Industry knowledge & help them transition from Fashion Students to Successful Industry Professionals.

I’ve worked as external Head-Hunter to some of the world’s biggest Fashion Premium and Luxury brands and I’ve gain valuable knowledge and insight into the industry specific skills required to be successful in the highly competitive Fashion Industry.

Fashion Super – Intern is the fastest growing online support community for Fashion Students! We started with our first FREE for ALL Student event last December, where we discussed How to Make it in the Fashion Industry after Graduation – Skills, CV, Networking, Job-Hunting and Interview Tips for success, including special industry Guest Speakers. The amazing Feedback and Support has inspired us to continue the Fashion Super-Intern Rally and to grow the online community further.

Fashion Super-Intern events discuss:

- Fashion Career Paths and their TOP skills for success

- Case-Study Examples from Executive Senior Professionals from different Fashion Careers Paths: HOW DID THEY MAKE IT?

- Marketing Yourself for ultimate success - CV, Cover Letter & Portfolio skills

- Being the Best Version of Yourself Professionally: Mindset Growth Techniques

- Learn TOP SECRET Recruitment tips to WIN at any Industry Interview