A brand’s identity and reputation are instrumental to its success. Branding is the communication tool and voice that speaks to the customer and the key component that creates the emotional engagement which in turn drives loyalty. Branding is our passion and we work closely with you to define your branding strategy and ensure that is aligned to your business objectives.

- Full branding exercise and deep dive into your brand history and its current performance.
- Develop branding tools to communicate your message.
- Define your brand positioning and identify your audience.
- Develop your marketing and communications strategy and toolkit.
- Develop your website and digital technologies.
- Measure your success.


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We often come across businesses who want to run before they can walk; entrepreneurs, visionaries and creative individuals who all share a common approach led by their passion and ambition to be the best. Having a vision is one thing; implementing, realising and delivering its potential is another. We work closely with you to ensure that your vision becomes a reality, putting in the right strategy, structure and game plan, ensuring its success.

We recognise that business development is a driving force behind generating revenues, profitability and creating a successful network, our role will be to work with you on developing the right business model and plan that meets your vision and delivers your objectives.

- Develop, critique and strengthen the underlying business vision.
- Establish your strategic goals.
- Deliver compelling business plans.
- Develop business strategies, organisation, infrastructure and system strategies.
- Assessment of risk, competitive analysis and barriers to entry.
- Business model development.
- In-depth understanding of the global trends and regional habits that drive consumer spend.
- Define your unique selling proposition and market positioning.
- Comprehensive written business, 3-5 year plan to support financial management and capital raising activities.
- Develop a new market entry strategy.
- Develop a retail, wholesale and distribution strategy.
- Identify global strategic partners for potential franchise and joint venture relations.
- Finding an investor.
- Investor relations.

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£499 6 months brand development campaign
£899 annual brand development campaign