Marketing and PR


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Professional, creative and engaging communication in social media will create a recognizable, consistent image of your brand and build relationships that ensure maximum commitment of your client.

What can we do?

We create, pin, tweet and engage your community every day. Incorporating our omni-channel strategy we will manage all profiles in the social media of your brand.

Together we will create strong and coherent  visual representation of your brand. We will create graphics and content that will be most suitable for you and your audience. We will take care of the presence of your brand in social media so that you can take care of other parts of business.

  • we build strategies across all channels in social media
  • we build and implement strategy prepared for your brand
  • we plan and manage paid campaigns
  • we create strong visual campaign
  • we monitor your profiles' performance through SEO and Google Analytics
  • we aim at broadening your audience
Prices for annual subscription:

£399 for 1 SM Channel || £699 for two SM Channels || £1,199 for all SM Channels

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PR activities are the best way to responsibly and consistently build your brand image on the fashion market. Appropriately designed, carefully composed and sent to the appropriate editorial staff press release will allow your brand to appear in the media. We believe that cooperation with the blogosphere and trendsetters on the web is also very important. We have knowledge and experience that allows us to effectively create a positive image of your brand by skilfully using offline and online communication channels.

What can we do?

  • we create a PR strategy for your brand
  • we edit, frame graphically and send press releases
  • we prepare a base for sending a press release tailored to your brand
  • we monitor and analyze media publications
  • we conduct a follow-up
  • we are contacting the blogosphere, influencers and trendsetters

£499 for on-going PR campaigns for the duration of 1 year 


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Marketing Strategy and Consultancy

Your brand has potential, that's for sure. Our goal is to ensure its development. We want all activities that we undertake together to lead to strategic goals and give satisfactory results. We will analyze the positioning of your band, what is your brand potential, and what marketing and communication solutions are worth introducing - together we will set goals for which we will strive. We will provide you with a strategic action plan tailored to your budget, which will ensure your company's development.

What can we do?

  • we analyze the current position of the brand
  • we carry out audits of websites and online stores to monitor brand performance
  • we create communication strategies and marketing strategies
£499 for annual marketing strategy and brand development campaign