Hi there Fashionistas!

Are you currently in your Fashion Degree , but have no idea what success looks like after graduation?

Do you struggle with finding internships or jobs, or when you do - you hear nothing back on your application?

Do you fear the interview process and have no idea how to prepare yourself?

Do you feel anxious & insecure to what you might do after graduation?

I’ve been exactly where you are!

I graduated Fashion Management and Marketing in 2014, and much like most of you I had no idea what career path to take and HOW to achieve the desired career success and job satisfaction. My journey has led me to my current career working with Senior Professionals within the Luxury Fashion Industry, and working with companies such as Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Hermes and others on finding executive work professionals for these brands.

What I’ve learned for the past few years in this business is HOW these professionals have achieved success and what skills they had or have learned on their way to become the Global Merchandising Director or the Global EMEA Corporae Marketing Director ( for example ).

I’ve gained insight from both candidate and company perspective on what makes someone successful and stand out from the crowd - what CV, Interview and Professional skills one needs to become a Top Dog at their position and progress further.

I’ve prepared for you a 3 module course, in which you will be able to practice and learn new skills - CV/ Cover Letter and Portfolio skills; Job Hunting and Networking skills and Interview preparation + role plays.

Each course will be approximately 2 hours long working alongside with me to develop and better your skills in all those areas.

I’ve listed full description on all modules bellow in this email, if you’d like to be a part of this interactive course, click the links listed in each box to secure your tickets!

Location for all events: Room 2 - 1 Queens Terrace, Southampton


This course that I’ve developed exclusively for you will provide you further information on exactly what all these successful professionals have achieved in other to gain the career success they have today - I will teach you on all initial skills that you need to know to kick start your career in Fashion straight after graduation!

Have a look at the 3 course module description below and follow the private Fashion Super - Intern group in Facebook today for further key information on the course launch dates!

Fashion Super-Intern: The Course Module 1 - Winning CV/ Portfolio skills

A perfectly designed module to help you understand what makes a successful application and how to design your winning CV / Cover Letter and Portfolio for the fashion industry.

Click HERE to book.

Fashion Super - Intern: The Course Module 2 - Job-hunt, Linked in and Application process

A perfectly designed module to help you get access to all possible “job-hunt” channels, as well as creating a valuable Linked-in network to maximise your application’s potential.

Click HERE to book.

Fashion Super - Intern: The Course Module 3 - Be a Boss at Interviews

A perfectly designed module to help you be confident and have super skills that will make you a boss at any interview - including role plays and 1:1 practice.

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Click on the links in each box above to book your tickets now! Remember, this course is designed to be implemented in small groups so tickets and spaces are limited.

Join the private Facebook Fashion Super-Intern Group as well to gain further access for daily tips, job leads, industry networking events and information on course dates and launches.